13 Taurus Spirit Animals Best Representing The Sign (2023)

The main Taurus animal is the bull, but this is not the only creature that can represent the determined, loyal, and stubborn nature of a Taurus.

Taurus has a multifaceted personality. They are known for being lazy, but they are typically hardworking.

What animal represents Taurus? The bull is the symbol for Taurus and likely the animal everyone knows. Other animals, such as the bear, beaver, and pig, also represent this sign.

Taureans are loyal and generous but can also be selfish and self-absorbed. They are stubborn yet patient. They can be materialistic, but they are always happy to share what they have with the people around them.

Each Taurus spirit animal symbolizes different parts of the Taurus personality. Together, they give great insight into who Taurus is overall.

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The koala is an excellent spirit animal for Taurus because they represent the relaxed side of Taurus that isn’t in any rush.

Taurus is incredibly patient. They will diligently work on anything they need to, but they also know how to take a break! They won’t burn themselves out trying to get something done faster.

Koalas sit around relaxing and eating most of the time. Their food is challenging to eat, but that doesn’t stop them. They aren’t in any rush.

The koala can have a relaxing effect on people. Many find them adorable, and spending time with them can be just the thing you need to cheer up sometimes!


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The bear is the Taurus woman’s animal. Taurus women are homebodies who want to feel secure and peaceful but are also fiercely protective of those they love.

A mother bear protecting her cubs is one of the most dangerous animals. However, bears tend to be relatively laid-back when they are not threatened.

Sometimes, Taurus is happy to stay home with some good food. Just like a bear hibernates in winter, Taureans know how to stop and take a break when they need to recharge.

Bears are powerful creatures, but they are calm as long as they are comfortable and safe. Taurus can have a mean temper, but there’s no need for it when they’re in their comfort zone.

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This Taurus animal’s characteristics that embody the sign are their gentle nature and the way they “pamper” themselves.

Chinchillas are known for taking dust baths. They cannot bathe in water like other animals because of their fur, so they use the dust to wipe away anything that might stick to their fur and make them dirty.

How a chinchilla happily rolls in dust resembles how a Taurus practices self-care. Taureans will gladly lay around at a spa all day or just relax at home in the bath.

Taureans are also grounded people tied to the earth, which is very fitting for an animal that spends its time rolling in the dust.


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The beaver symbolizes the patient and resourceful sides of the Taurus personality. Beavers are known for being hardworking as well, just like Taurus.

Beavers take their time building their dams. They are strategic creatures that can build incredibly elaborate and sturdy structures designed to keep them safe from predators.

Taureans also take their time when working on anything. They think carefully before making a decision. When they work on a project, they are all in. They will be patient and dedicated and won’t stop until they’ve done the job correctly.

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Beaver dams are incredibly impressive. They take time to build, but they provide a safe and cozy home for the beaver once they’ve completed it.


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Elephants are incredibly patient and gentle creatures, but they are not at all harmless.

Like an elephant, Taurus has a laid-back personality most of the time. They can be dangerous if you mess with them, though.

Taureans are also known for holding grudges. The phrase “an elephant never forgets” is common because elephants do too! They will remember humans who have harmed them or their herd years later and won’t hesitate to get revenge.

Most of the time, though, elephants are gentle giants. They are excellent parents who live in family units. Taurus is also looking to settle down and build a stable home with a family.


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The Taurus characteristics embodied by the flamingo are beauty and indulgence.

Flamingos get their bright pink color because they sit around all day eating algae and brine shrimp that contain a chemical that turns the flamingo’s feathers pink.

Like flamingos indulge themselves enough to change the color of their feathers, Taureans are also known for indulging in good food as often as possible.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, so they are also tied to the beautiful and elegant nature of flamingos. Taureans always look good, just like flamingos are always eye-catching creatures.


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As a spirit animal, the vulture represents patience and the ability to reserve energy to work more efficiently.

Vultures do not hunt their prey. Instead, they wait for an animal to die, then swoop in and eat the rotting flesh that other animals avoid.

Taurus is an incredibly patient sign. They are willing to wait for what they want and do not need to rush into anything or to “hunt” for their desires.

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Vultures do not need to expend energy chasing after prey. Other animals catch it for them, or an animal dies of natural causes and leaves behind the food that a vulture needs.


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The bull is the most obvious Taurus symbol. Taurus means “bull” in Latin, and the actual symbol for the sign is designed to resemble a bull’s head and horns.

Bulls symbolize the stubborn nature of Taurus, but they also show Taurus’ hesitant and cautious nature.

The bull is known for its temper and ability to charge right into anything. Bulls have varying temperaments, though, and their aggressive nature doesn’t always come out unless they are threatened.

You should still take the bull seriously, though. That temper could come out any time, just like it can with a Taurus. Bulls might be hesitant in unfamiliar situations, but they can easily get the upper hand.


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Pigs are adorable creatures that can represent indulgence and gluttony. Taureans tend to indulge a little too much at times!

A pig will eat nearly anything you put in front of them. As a spirit animal, the pig can also represent greed and a need for material things.

Taureans want the finest things in life. They love going to fancy restaurants, trying fine wine, and getting themselves the latest gadgets and trendy clothing.

Some Taureans can practice moderation, but others cannot. They will spend all their money on the things they want in life. They can overeat, overdrink, and get themselves in trouble because of their inability to hold themselves back.


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The turtle is one of the animals representing Taurus because of its slow and steady nature.

Taurus goes through life at a slow pace. They are not in any rush to get what they want. They do not hastily jump into situations or make decisions without carefully thinking them over.

Turtles are slow animals, but they don’t need to be quick! There is no need to run away from predators because they can protect themselves with their hard shells.

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In the same way that a turtle uses its shell as a defense, Taurus can sometimes put up walls. They have difficulty letting others in unless they fully trust them.


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The buffalo is an excellent representation of this grounded earth sign. It is also one of the Taurus man’s animals.

Buffalo are seemingly patient creatures. They spend most of their day grazing on the grass with their herds. Though they have large horns and can appear intimidating because of their large size, they pose no threat unless threatened.

As a spirit animal, the buffalo also represents diligence and trust. Taurus men are incredibly trustworthy people. They like to stay in their comfort zone and know how to make others feel comfortable around them.

Taurus men do have a temper, though. They can lash out and “use their horns.”


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Ants are known for being incredibly hardworking, which is why they are an excellent Taurus animal symbol!

Ants spend all their lives working to build their colonies and find food. They work well together. Despite their small size, they can get a lot done because they are part of a team!

Taureans are great people to have on your team. If they say they’ll do something, they will follow through. You can always rely on them to get the job done.

Taurus is a sign that has a lot of stamina as well. They get a reputation for being lazy but will work as hard as they must to get what they need.


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Geese are known to be incredibly protective and defensive, especially when it comes to their eggs and chicks.

While geese might seem unassuming at times, this bird has a temper! They also have hard, spiky “teeth” on their tongue that they can use to keep predators away. Most of them have no problem biting humans, either.

Taurus can be laid-back, but they are fierce when they need to be. If a Taurus parent needs to protect their child, they will stop at nothing to get them out of harm’s way.

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